Delta COVID-19 variant and children: What parents need to know

Dr. Rebecca Barros, a CHOC pediatrician, answers parent’s questions about the ever-changing pandemic and new delta COVID-19 variant.

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Making great progress, strides after deep brain stimulation procedure

A deep brain stimulation surgery at CHOC has given 9-year-old Ryder and his family an improved quality of life.

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Starting solid foods with babies: An ultimate guide

In this article, a CHOC pediatrician offers tips on when parents should offer solid food to babies and what foods to choose.

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Preventing child drowning: Advice from a pediatric intensive care unit doctor

A family shares their tragic experience and a physician offers must-know tips to prevent drowning.

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How to support breastfeeding parents: Being a link in a chain

This year’s Word Breastfeeding Week centers around the shared responsibility for breastfeeding. Learn ways to support a breastfeeding parent.

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Undergoing thyroid cancer surgery: Molly’s story

After undergoing two thyroid removal surgeries, Molly receives ongoing care at CHOC and is thriving in life.

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