The best way to clean a child’s earwax

Between cotton swabs and drops, what’s the best way to clean a child’s earwax? Learn the best technique, and when to call the pediatrician.

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Is my baby teething? Signs and symptoms of teething in babies

A CHOC pediatrician explains more about the signs of teething in babies, when to expect teething to begin, and offers suggestions to ease the process.

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Talking to children about death: an age-by-age guide

This age-by-age guidance from a CHOC licensed marriage and family therapist can help parents navigate these important conversations.

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How can I help my child stay awake before an EEG?

Keeping a child awake before an EEG can be difficult, but these tips can help parents keep children from falling asleep before the test.

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4 ways to incorporate sustainability into your family’s nutrition and routine

Nutrition and sustainability can easily be adopted into your family’s cooking. A CHOC clinical dietitian offers sustainability tips.

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The unsung heroes: Checking in on the mental health of essential workers

Learn six simple ways to check in on the mental health of mail carriers, grocery clerks and other essential workers in your life.

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