5 practical ways to help reduce stigma around mental illness

Small shifts in our lives can go a long way toward reducing the stigma around mental illness. Learn 5 actions to take to help beat it.

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13 ways to check in on strong friends’ mental health

Checking in on the mental health of strong friends can be really simple. Learn some key phrases, COVID-safe activities and more.

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Enhancing CHOC magic through the power of Disney stories

A philanthropic initiative from Disney is infusing additional joy and magic to the hospital experience for patients and families.

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The importance of checking in on others’ mental health

Learn key phrases and methods of checking in on the mental health of caregivers in your life.

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Reaching her full potential: Vivian’s journey with autism

Vivian, 14, is thriving since being diagnosed with autism and receiving treatment Thompson Autism Center at CHOC.

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5 insights into the behavior of children with autism

While behavior challenges might be common in children with autism, the cause might not be what it seems. Get autism behavior tips here.

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